Which Olive Oil should I choose?

Olive oil should not be chosen with the same criteria as wine. Whereas wine is often revered for its age, olive oil is best when it is as fresh as possible.

Our olives are harvested in late fall and rushed to the mill for pressing. It is very important that the olives not wait to be pressed as this can drastically reduce the quality of the oil they produce. Once pressed the oil should be stored in a dark container away from light, heat or extreme cold. Once opened and exposed to oxygen the oil will age much faster.

That being said, choosing an oil is based on individual taste and intended use. The more aged an oil is, the more mellow its flavor. This kind of oil is great for baking, frying or using to infuse with other flavors. We recommend Uncle Ivos Aged Oil for you.

If you are looking for the utmost in flavor, nutrients and quality then you want the youngest, freshest oil you can find. But beware, this oil can have a bite that pricks the back of the throat when taken alone or as a bread dip. This oil should be added to food after cooking and not used with high heat as this would break down the very qualities that make it superior. High quality oils have been show to diminish pain, prevent cancer and fight infection. If this is what you are looking for than we recommend Sir Richards Intense. It is always our youngest oil.

The Govenors Choice oil offers a middle ground. It has many of the qualities of the top oil, but has mellowed a little so it is less bold.