Uncle Ivo

Born in the parish of Sower-by on the Calder River in 1292 to a villian family in the Manor of Wakefield, Uncle Ivo served the Earl of Warren as farmer, greave and miller. He was elected greave 5 times

He joined Edward II as a longbow man for a salary of 6 shillings in Flanders in 1335, but he did not participate in the battle of Crecy.

In 1320 Ivo married, Matilda, who bore him 3 live children, Richard, Thomas and Matilda. She was from a villien family from Rasck. also in the Manor of Wakefield. Matilda died at child berth in 1331. While in Antwerp as a bow man, Ivo took a 2nd wife, who bore him 4 boys, Richard, William, John and Peter.

Ivo’s grandfather, William, with the knowledge brought back from the 3rd crusade replaced the process of fulling by stamping with feet with a water mill. In 1290 they converted the grain mill at Sower-by bridge to the first operational fulling mill. Fulling being done at the mill, freed everyone to dedicate to their weaving.

Harvests had been good. Long bow mens wages and the increase in wool exports at higher prices brought cash into the economy. Uncle Ivo’s family numbered 45 with both children and grandchildren with another 20 servants and extended family.

There had been unbelievable horror stories comming back from Antwerp, The pest came first to Sower-by Bridge and a week latter to Saltonstall. Ivo and all of his sons except, William, Richard and John died. Ivo was taken by the plague in October of 1349.