Saltonstall Story - It Starts with the Fruit

Like most quality food products, you must start with good raw ingredients to have the potential to create something truly special. From an award-winning Pinot Noir to a pungent Gruyère cheese, you must start with the best and then work hard from there to have a chance at greatness.

Olive oil it is no different. If you start with an inferior olive variety grown in an unsuitable location, you’ll have no option but to end up with mediocre olive oil that will sully your best recipes.

Sam and Marina Saltonstall wanted to make the best olive oil they could with the highest level of antioxidants and resulting health benefits. Here is their story.

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Good Health and Good Taste

Sam Saltonstall wanted to create the healthiest Super Premium olive oil and make it available to those seeking medicinal olive oil benefits. What he discovered surprised him, and the industry. By focusing on making the healthiest organic olive oil in California, he also had created the best-tasting olive oil.

How did this come about and who determined this lofty status?

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Metamorphosis of an Olive Grove

So, what goals should we set for this olive oil? Taste is so subjective from person to person, and the general public is accustomed to mild, tasteless and inexpensive olive oil. But health benefits can be scientifically evaluated, measured and enhanced.

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Uncle Ivo

Named after the Kings of England, William, Richard and John were the only surviving sons of Uncle Ivo in the Bubonic Plague of 1349. Richard was the most common family name.

The surname Saltonstall, originated from their village (Saxon Sal = willow trees tonstall = cowpasture) and not from their trade as millers. Miller, the most common last name among all English-speaking people, would have been difficult to follow through 350 years of the Wakefield Manor Court Rolls.

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